10 Earth Day Tips

To make our planet a better place

Earth Day is celebrated globally every year on April 22. With the aim to encourage people to be more environment friendly, the day is celebrated with festivals, rallies and celebrity support. Today, as we celebrate Earth Day 2017, let's take a moment to think about what we can actually do to help save the planet.

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Biotree.earth and Dogtown SA are campaigning together to raise funds towards creating a memorial forest on the Dogtown property in honour of dearly departed furry friends.

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Treemendous partnerships

Greenpop and Biotree.earth

We often hear of how partners should help each other grow, well in this specific case those values take on a very literal meaning in the partnership between Biotree.earth and Greenpop.

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Upon Africa’s highest mountain

stands Africa's tallest tree

The tallest tree in Africa, and one of the tallest trees in the world has been found growing on Tanzania's Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain.

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How Nature Effects Us

European study find that access to nature reduces depression and obesity.

People living close to trees and green spaces are less likely to be obese, inactive, or dependent on anti-depressants, according to a new report. Middle-aged Scottish men with homes in deprived but verdant areas were found to have a death rate 16% lower than their more urban counterparts. Pregnant women also received a health boost from a greener environment, recording lower blood pressures and giving birth to larger babies, research in Bradford found. Overall, nature is an under-recognised healer, the paper says, offering multiple health benefits from allergy reductions to

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